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A Marketing Company based in Berlin

As a trusted technology partner, Assutech had the privilege of working with WunderPen, a leading marketing company based in Berlin, Germany. Our collaboration centered around a remarkable project that showcased the fusion of robotic technology and advanced software techniques in transforming traditional correspondence. Assutech successfully assisted WunderPen in developing a groundbreaking system that enables esteemed customers to receive letters in the authentic handwriting of CEOs and leaders of prominent corporations. One of the key challenges we encountered was the inherent nature of non-TTF (TrueType Font) fonts, which are not typically designed for web rendering. Since each iteration of an individual's handwriting varies, it presented a unique difficulty in rendering it consistently on a fixed card format for the web. To overcome this challenge, Assutech took a proactive approach and developed a custom algorithm for the rendering engine from the ground up. This innovative solution ensured that WunderPen could accurately render handwritten letters on the web, capturing the nuances and personal touch of each CEO's handwriting. The result of our collaboration was a seamless user experience, where customers could effortlessly select from a diverse range of templates and fonts, including their own handwriting styles, and have their personalized letters perfectly rendered on the web. By overcoming the technical obstacles associated with non-TTF fonts, Assutech played a pivotal role in empowering WunderPen to deliver a truly unique and authentic communication experience to their valued customers. Assutech takes great pride in our partnership with WunderPen and in contributing to their mission of redefining the way businesses connect with their audience through a seamless blend of technology and the human touch of personalized handwriting.



In collaborating with WunderPen, Assutech embarked on an ambitious project to revolutionize the way handwritten letters are delivered in the digital age. Our primary objective was to overcome the inherent challenges of rendering non-TTF fonts on the web and develop a solution that seamlessly incorporates the authentic handwriting of CEOs and leaders into personalized communications. By achieving this, we aimed to enhance the customer experience, foster stronger connections between businesses and their valued customers, and redefine the standards of digital correspondence.

Develop a Robust Rendering Engine
Assutech's primary goal was to develop a robust rendering engine capable of accurately rendering non-TTF fonts and replicating the authentic handwriting of CEOs and leaders on a fixed card format for the web. This involved overcoming the inherent challenges of variability in individual handwriting and ensuring consistent and high-quality rendering.
Achieve Consistent Replication of Handwriting
The project aimed to achieve consistent replication of individual handwriting styles on the web, despite variations that naturally occur in each iteration. Assutech worked diligently to develop an algorithm that could capture and reproduce the nuances and unique characteristics of each CEO's or Client's handwriting, providing a faithful representation in the digital format.
Ensure Seamless Integration and User Experience
Assutech's goal was to seamlessly integrate the rendering engine into WunderPen's system, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly experience. The rendering engine needed to be intuitive, efficient, and capable of rendering handwritten letters accurately, enhancing the overall user experience for both the senders and recipients of these personalized communications.
Optimize Performance and Compatibility
Another important goal was to optimize the performance of the rendering engine, ensuring fast and reliable rendering of handwritten letters on the web. Assutech worked to ensure compatibility with different web browsers and devices, providing a consistent and high-quality experience for users across various platforms.

Navigating Complexities: Overcoming Key Challenges in Building the Rendering Engine

The development of the robust rendering engine for WunderPen's project was not without its fair share of challenges. Assutech encountered various hurdles throughout the process, requiring innovative solutions and technical expertise to overcome them. This section highlights the key challenges that were faced, showcasing the complexity and intricacy of the project. From rendering non-TTF and OTF fonts on the web to addressing client hesitation and insufficient documentation, Assutech's journey in building the rendering engine was a testament to their determination and problem-solving capabilities. By navigating these challenges, Assutech ensured the successful implementation of the rendering engine, ultimately enabling WunderPen to provide their esteemed customers with personalized, high-quality handwritten letters in the digital realm.

Consistent Output across Web and Advamento Software
A critical challenge was to achieve a consistent output on the web that matched the output of the Advamento software. Assutech had to meticulously compare and calibrate the rendering engine to replicate the exact appearance and fidelity of the handwritten fonts as generated by the Advamento software, ensuring a seamless transition between platforms.
Understanding Web Feasibility
Assutech needed to possess a solid understanding of what was feasible on the web platform to ensure the successful implementation of the rendering engine. This involved expertise in web technologies, browser compatibility, and best practices to overcome any limitations and deliver a high-quality user experience.
Project Complexity
The project presented inherent complexities due to the unique requirements of rendering handwritten fonts on the web accurately. Assutech had to navigate and address these complexities through careful planning, robust development strategies, and rigorous testing to deliver a reliable and efficient solution.
Non-Availability of Advamento Software Documentation
One of the challenges faced was the lack of available documentation for the Advamento software, which was essential for sending fonts to the website. Assutech had to rely on their expertise and reverse-engineering techniques to understand and leverage the Advamento software for building the rendering engine on the web.

Elevating the Customer Experience

Assutech's collaboration with WunderPen yielded an innovative solution that revolutionized handwritten communication in the digital age. With an unwavering commitment to overcoming technical barriers, Assutech developed a cutting-edge rendering engine that seamlessly integrated the authenticity of CEOs' and leaders' handwriting into personalized letters. Leveraging their expertise, Assutech tackled the challenge of rendering non-TTF and OTF fonts on the web, ensuring accurate replication of individual handwriting styles. By harnessing the power of the Advamento software, originally not intended for web usage, Assutech built a robust and customizable rendering engine that exceeded expectations. With meticulous attention to detail, the solution provided a user-friendly interface for customers to select templates, fonts, and even submit their own handwriting. The output on the web mirrored the impeccable quality of the Advamento software, ensuring a consistent and unforgettable experience for recipients. Assutech's groundbreaking solution transformed the way WunderPen connects and engages with their valued customers, forging stronger relationships through personalized and authentic handwritten correspondence.


Iterative Feedback and Refinement

The collaborative process between Assutech and WunderPen followed a structured approach, starting with a thorough requirement analysis and culminating in the deployment of a robust rendering engine. The design and development phase focused on leveraging the Advamento software and customizing it to accurately render non-TTF and OTF fonts on the web. Through iterative feedback and refinement, Assutech ensured that the rendering engine met WunderPen's expectations in terms of accuracy and user experience. The result was a seamless integration that transformed the way handwritten letters were delivered digitally, enhancing the personalized communication experience for WunderPen's esteemed customers.
Requirement Analysis

Assutech initiated the process by conducting a thorough analysis of WunderPen's requirements and objectives. This involved extensive discussions with the client to gain a comprehensive understanding of their vision for the rendering engine. Assutech worked closely with WunderPen to define the specific features, functionality, and customization options required for accurately rendering non-TTF and OTF fonts on the web.

Design and Development

With the requirements in hand, Assutech proceeded to design and develop the robust rendering engine. This phase involved a meticulous approach to ensure the accurate replication of individual handwriting styles. Assutech utilized their expertise in web technologies, leveraging the power of the Advamento software and customizing it to suit the specific needs of rendering handwritten letters on the web. The development process encompassed rigorous testing, optimization, and integration to deliver a seamless and efficient solution.

Iterative Feedback and Refinement

Assutech actively engaged in an iterative feedback loop with WunderPen throughout the development process. This collaborative approach allowed for continuous evaluation, gathering valuable insights and feedback from the client. Assutech refined and fine-tuned the rendering engine based on this feedback, ensuring that it met WunderPen's expectations in terms of accuracy, performance, and user experience.

Deployment and Support

Once the rendering engine was deemed ready for deployment, Assutech worked closely with WunderPen to seamlessly integrate it into their existing systems. Assutech provided comprehensive support during the deployment phase, ensuring a smooth transition and addressing any potential issues that arose. Ongoing support and maintenance were also provided to guarantee the continued optimal performance of the rendering engine.


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