Solidifying AfriMoney's position as a leading force in the mobile money landscape

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Not Marketing As You Know It.

AfriMoney, the mobile money service provided by Africell, The Gambia's largest mobile network operator, embodies the spirit of innovation and convenience. With AfriMoney, users can effortlessly send and receive money, make payments, and conveniently purchase airtime and data, all through their mobile phones. Recognizing the untapped potential of AfriMoney despite Africell's dominant position in the telecommunications market, our engagement aimed to unleash its full growth potential. At the forefront of our mission was a forward-looking approach to drive user acquisition, activate and engage existing users, foster their long-term retention, and ignite a wave of enthusiastic referrals. Through our meticulous implementation of funnel optimizations, we aspired to amplify AfriMoney's market presence, expand its user base, and establish it as the go-to mobile money solution. By combining our strategic expertise with Africell's visionary mindset, we ensured that AfriMoney soared to new heights, solidifying its position as a leading force in the mobile money landscape.



Our strategic approach focused on achieving specific goals, including boosting user acquisition, enhancing activation and engagement, improving user retention, stimulating referrals, optimizing the conversion funnel, increasing transaction volume, enhancing brand recognition, driving customer satisfaction, expanding market penetration, and establishing strategic alliances. Each goal played a crucial role in elevating AfriMoney's market presence and positioning it as a preferred mobile money solution in The Gambia

Boost User Acquisition
Increase the number of new users registering for AfriMoney by implementing targeted marketing campaigns and initiatives to raise awareness and attract a larger audience.
Expand market penetration
Explore opportunities to extend AfriMoney's reach to new market segments, such as specific demographics or geographic regions, by tailoring marketing efforts and service offerings to their unique needs and preferences.
Optimize the conversion funnel
Analyze and streamline the user journey within AfriMoney, identifying any bottlenecks or areas of improvement to enhance the overall user experience and increase conversion rates at each stage.
Boost user acquisition
Increase the number of new users registering for AfriMoney by implementing targeted marketing campaigns and initiatives to raise awareness and attract a larger audience.
Increase transaction volume
Encourage users to conduct more transactions using AfriMoney by promoting the convenience, security, and benefits of using the mobile money service for various financial activities.
Improve user retention
Implement measures to enhance user satisfaction and loyalty, reducing churn rates and increasing the number of users who continue to utilize AfriMoney over an extended period.

Attribution and Speed

Throughout the project, we encountered several challenges that required strategic problem-solving and adaptability. One significant challenge was accurately attributing user acquisition and engagement to specific marketing campaigns or initiatives. The disparity between social media touchpoints and the USSD-driven AfriMoney service, coupled with no deep linking tools and analytics integrations, made it difficult to precisely attribute the impact of marketing efforts on desired outcomes. Additionally, the fast-paced and large-scale nature of Africell as a company sometimes posed challenges in terms of execution speed, affecting the timely implementation of crucial marketing strategies. However, despite these obstacles, our team successfully navigated the challenges, leveraging our expertise and innovative thinking to overcome hurdles and drive effective results for AfriMoney.

Limited data insights
Access to comprehensive and granular data on user behavior, preferences, and transaction patterns was limited, making it challenging to gain deep insights and tailor marketing efforts to specific user segments effectively.
Speed of execution
The large size of the client company presented challenges in terms of decision-making and execution speed. Coordinating efforts and obtaining timely approvals from various departments or stakeholders sometimes caused delays in implementing crucial marketing strategies and optimizations.
Accurately attributing user acquisition and engagement to specific marketing campaigns or initiatives proved to be a complex task in our project. The gap between social media touchpoints and the USSD-driven AfriMoney service, combined with the limitations of non-deep linking tools and analytics integrations, created challenges in precisely attributing the impact of marketing efforts on desired outcomes. The absence of seamless integration and tracking across different platforms hindered the ability to track user journeys and effectively measure the direct influence of specific marketing activities on user acquisition and engagement metrics
Trust and adoption barriers
Overcoming trust barriers and changing traditional financial behaviors presented a challenge. Convincing potential users especially from the West to adopt a new mobile money service and entrust their financial transactions to AfriMoney required targeted education and awareness campaigns.

30X Increase in Customer Base

Our comprehensive solution for the AfriMoney project focused on maximizing its growth and success through targeted marketing and growth hacking strategies. To address the challenge of user acquisition, we developed and executed digital marketing campaigns across various channels, including social media and partnerships, to generate awareness and attract new users. In order to enhance activation and engagement, we implemented personalized strategies based on feedback from the acquisition funnel and the interaction of users on the platform. Additionally, leveraging both explicit and implicit feedback from users in the previous funnel, we optimized the retention funnel through targeted campaigns. Throughout the project, we ensured compliance with regulatory requirements and leveraged data analytics to inform our decision-making and optimize campaign performance. Our solution aimed to establish AfriMoney as the preferred mobile money service in The Gambia, driving its growth and expanding its user base through innovative marketing and growth hacking techniques while respecting the limitations of the USSD platform itself.


Thinking In Funnels

A funnel provides a simple and flexible metaphor that works as an effective framework for driving growth. The top of the funnel represents a set of addressable users who may take any number of actions. The bottom of the funnel represents your desired outcome for that set of users. Everything in between either enables or prevents users from reaching your desired outcome. Your job is to maximize the number of people reaching the bottom of the funnel. At Assutech, our growth hacking initiatives are either funnel-driven or flywheel-optimized to ensure the clients get the most bang for their buck.
User Acquisition

The goal is to attract and acquire a large number of new users by implementing targeted and innovative marketing strategies. This involves leveraging various channels, such as digital marketing campaigns, partnerships, and social media, to generate awareness and drive user sign-ups.


Once users are acquired, the aim is to ensure their active and meaningful engagement with the product or service. This is achieved through personalized communication, optimized onboarding processes, and the introduction of user-centric features that encourage users to fully utilize the offering.


Retention focuses on keeping existing users engaged and satisfied to minimize churn. By delivering exceptional user experiences, actively seeking and incorporating user feedback, and continuously refining the service, growth hackers can enhance user loyalty and encourage long-term retention.


Referral programs and word-of-mouth marketing play a vital role in growth hacking. By incentivizing existing users to refer the product or service to others, growth hackers can tap into the network effect and exponentially increase user acquisition. Leveraging the power of referrals can result in organic growth and reduce customer acquisition costs.


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