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Marble - Elections Made Easy

At Assutech, we embarked on a transformative project called Marble in collaboration with our esteemed client, Gambia Participates. Marble aims to revolutionize access to credible election information, empowering citizens with comprehensive, up-to-date data. Through this innovative cross-platform app for Android and iOS coupled with a Web App for app content management, users can easily access information on past certified presidential, parliamentary, and local government elections, including candidate participation, total votes cast, constituency-wise voting, regional voting trends, and general details about registered political parties in The Gambia. On election day, users can stay informed with live-certified election results. Marble also provides election guides, FAQs, and essential information on voting, ensuring users have the knowledge they need. To enhance the excitement of election day, users can share the "I Vote Sticker" on social media, spreading their enthusiasm with friends and family. Marble is revolutionizing the electoral landscape, empowering citizens to engage actively and make informed choices during elections.



Through the pursuit of these goals, we aim to empower citizens, foster informed decision-making, and promote active participation in the electoral process. Marble represents a significant step towards transforming how election information is accessed and utilized, empowering individuals to engage meaningfully in shaping the democratic future of The Gambia.

Deliver a User-Friendly and Intuitive App Experience
Our final goal is to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience through the Marble app. By focusing on intuitive design, smooth navigation, and efficient functionality, we aim to ensure that users can easily access and utilize the wealth of election information provided by Marble, enhancing their overall app experience.
Facilitate Social Engagement
We recognize the importance of social engagement during elections. Marble will enable users to share their enthusiasm on election day by providing them with an "I Vote Sticker" to share on social media platforms. This feature encourages users to engage with their friends and family, promoting awareness and encouraging voter turnout.
Empower Voters with Knowledge
Marble aims to empower voters by equipping them with essential election guides and FAQs. By offering comprehensive information on the Gambian elections and voting processes, the app will enable citizens to participate actively and make informed choices.
Enhance Information Accessibility, Transparency, and Trust
Enhance Information Accessibility, Promote Transparency and Trust, Empower Voters with Knowledge, and Deliver a Seamless App Experience: Our Marble project goals encompass accessibility, transparency, voter empowerment, and a seamless app experience. We provide comprehensive data, promote trust, empower voters, and deliver an intuitive app interface. Marble revolutionizes election engagement, making information accessible and empowering citizens to participate actively in the democratic process.

Subjecting Information Overload to User Experience Design

As we embarked on revolutionizing access to credible election information through the cross-platform Marble app, we encountered various challenges that demanded innovative solutions. These challenges encompassed complex data integration, ensuring data accuracy and verification, managing user trust and credibility, addressing technological scalability, and optimizing the user experience. Let's delve into these challenges, which required meticulous planning and strategic approaches to ensure the successful development and deployment of Marble, transforming the way citizens engage with election information in The Gambia.

Data Accuracy and Verification
Guaranteeing the accuracy and verifiability of the election information presented by Marble was crucial. Implementing rigorous data verification processes and incorporating mechanisms to address potential inaccuracies and inconsistencies were essential to establish trust in the information provided.
Optimizing User Experience
Delivering a seamless and user-friendly app experience was a challenge, as the app needed to cater to users with varying levels of technological proficiency. Striving for intuitive design, easy navigation, and efficient functionality required iterative user testing and continuous refinement to ensure a positive user experience.
Technological Scalability
Ensuring that the Marble app could handle increasing volumes of data and user traffic during elections posed a technological challenge. Designing a scalable architecture and optimizing performance to support high user engagement and data processing demands required careful consideration and implementation.
Unforeseen User Surge
During the 2021 presidential elections, Marble experienced an unprecedented surge in users, surpassing the download numbers of popular apps like Whatsapp and TikTok, making it the most downloaded mobile app in the history of The Gambia during the election month. This sudden increase in users, driven by in-house growth hacking techniques to boost app downloads and usage, presented scalability and other associated challenges. The exponential growth in user base strained the app's infrastructure, requiring swift adjustments to handle the influx of users and ensure seamless performance. Addressing these scalability issues became a priority to maintain the app's stability and deliver an optimal user experience amidst the surge in demand.

A Cross-Platform Mobile App for Android & iOS

The Marble project presented a comprehensive solution to revolutionize access to credible election information through a multi-faceted approach. We developed cross-platform mobile applications for both iOS and Android, ensuring widespread availability and accessibility to a wide range of users. In addition to the mobile apps, a robust web application was created, enabling Admins to input data into the system. Leveraging growth hacking techniques, strategic marketing campaigns were employed to increase app downloads and user engagement, resulting in an unprecedented surge in popularity during the election month. To address scalability challenges, our team swiftly optimized the app's infrastructure, scaling up servers and implementing robust techniques to accommodate the increased user traffic. Through continuous updates and improvements, we ensured data accuracy and verification, maintaining user trust and credibility in the information provided by Marble. The user experience was enhanced through an intuitive and user-friendly interface, enabling citizens to effortlessly access comprehensive data on past certified elections, candidate information, and voting statistics. Marble's impact extended beyond data provision, empowering voters with knowledge through election guides, FAQs, and the ability to share their enthusiasm with the "I Vote Sticker" on social media platforms. The Marble project successfully delivered a transformative solution, establishing a new benchmark in the accessibility and reliability of election information, and empowering citizens to actively participate in shaping the democratic process in The Gambia.


Hybrid of Agile and Lean Software Development Processes

At Assutech, we have developed a hybrid approach that combines the strengths of Agile and Lean software development processes. Our process emphasizes customer collaboration and feedback, iterative development, continuous integration and deployment, cross-functional teams, visual management, and a culture of continuous improvement.

We embrace the core principles of Agile software development, such as iterative development, frequent customer collaboration, and adaptive planning - for swift response to changing requirements and provide incremental value delivery.


We involve our clients in every stage of the development process, ensuring that their requirements are met and their expectations are exceeded. Regular checkpoints and demos allow for timely feedback and course corrections.


With a team of diverse skill sets, from software engineers, UX/UI designers, ML engineers and project managers. This cross-functional composition enables seamless collaboration, effective knowledge sharing, and efficient problem-solving.


Regular retrospectives allow us to reflect on our processes, identify areas for improvement, and implement necessary changes.


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