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Waychit: The Final Mile in Payment

In 2021, the Central Bank of The Gambia reported that less than 20% of the 2.2 million residents in the country had access to formal banking services, leaving a substantial untapped market of over 70% who remained unbanked. This glaring gap in financial inclusion served as the driving force behind the inception of Waychit, with the mission to cater to this underserved community. Fast forward to 2023, the landscape has witnessed a proliferation of mobile money services and digital wallets, all vying for a slice of the market share. However, what has emerged is a sea of similar offerings, mirroring each other and even traditional financial institutions, primarily focused on holding funds and facilitating peer-to-peer transactions. This proliferation has given rise to a new challenge: the lack of interoperability among these financial institutions, resulting in a payment ecosystem riddled with complexities. In this scenario, a business owner looking to accept payments faces the cumbersome task of integrating with multiple financial service providers, rather than using a __single streamlined app__ to serve their diverse customer base.



The overarching goals of Waychit are centered on revolutionizing the payment landscape in The Gambia. Our primary objective is to enhance financial inclusion by offering accessible, user-friendly digital payment solutions to the vast unbanked and underbanked population. In doing so, we aim to foster economic growth and entrepreneurship by providing a seamless platform for small businesses and entrepreneurs to accept payments from a diverse customer base. Ultimately, Waychit is dedicated to driving payment innovation, with a strong emphasis on achieving interoperability within the payment ecosystem.

Our Mission
At Waychit, we strive to simplify payments by aggregating all payment service providers on one platform where financial transactions are secure, effortless, and accessible to all through our innovative suite of payment solutions.
Guiding Vision
Our vision is to be at the forefront of payment transformation, offering an unparalleled user experience that is simple, seamless, and accessible. By creating a world where financial transactions are secure and frictionless, we aspire to empower individuals and businesses alike and inspire a future of financial freedom and innovation.
Transition to Online Essential Services
Build systems and software that take essential services online. In this phase, we expand our reach by developing systems and software that bring essential services into the online realm. e.g. National Document Applications. This strategic move not only broadens our service offerings but also aligns with the evolving digital landscape, making essential services more accessible and convenient for users.
System Enhancement and Integration
Extend the features of existing systems with proprietary software to incorporate payments. In this step, our strategy revolves around enhancing existing systems by integrating proprietary software that enables seamless payment processing. By bridging the gap between traditional systems and digital payments, we set the foundation for a more versatile and user-friendly financial ecosystem.

Overcoming Payment Hurdles

Facilitating payment in The Gambia presents Waychit with several challenges, primarily involving bridging the existing gap between the current state of the payment system and seamless integration with established payment solutions. This challenge is twofold, necessitating the development of enabling technology on top of existing financial institutions for frictionless payments and the enhancement of software systems within these institutions and user-facing applications to effectively integrate with payment solutions. In certain instances, this may require the creation of an entire software suite to facilitate the intricate process, making it a multifaceted and resource-intensive endeavor.

Technological Infrastructure
Facilitating payment in The Gambia is a complex endeavor for Waychit, primarily due to the need to build and enhance the technological infrastructure. This involves the development of enabling technology that can seamlessly integrate with existing financial institutions, ensuring frictionless payments. Additionally, improving software systems within these institutions and user-facing applications is vital for a smooth integration process. In some cases, the development of a complete software suite becomes necessary, intensifying the resource and technology demands.
User Adoption and Experience
Another significant challenge lies in promoting user adoption and providing a positive experience. Waychit must convince users to transition to its payment platform and demonstrate the benefits of using their services. User-facing applications and software enhancements should be user-friendly, secure, and intuitive, making the transition as smooth as possible. Overcoming resistance to change and building trust among users are ongoing challenges.
Resource Allocation and Investment
The multifaceted and resource-intensive nature of this endeavor presents Waychit with financial and operational challenges. Allocating the necessary resources for technology development, partnerships, compliance, and marketing is a critical aspect of the project. Careful financial planning and investment strategies are required to ensure the sustainability and success of the payment integration effort in The Gambia.
Financial Institution Collaboration
Collaborating with existing financial institutions poses a unique challenge. Waychit must establish partnerships and agreements with these institutions to access their infrastructure and customer base. Such collaborations require negotiation, compliance with regulatory requirements, and the development of mutually beneficial strategies. Ensuring that financial institutions are willing to adopt the necessary technology and processes is crucial to achieving seamless payment integration and aggregation in the Gambia.

One App. Multiple Ways to Pay.

Waychit is poised to revolutionize payment solutions in The Gambia. By offering a versatile Mobile Application, Waychit allows users to link multiple payment methods, both local and international, enabling efficient and secure payments.


Evidence-Driven Product Development

At Waychit, our approach to product development is evidence-driven, with a commitment to thorough research, data-driven decision-making, and a relentless pursuit of innovation. This process ensures that every step we take is well-informed, customer-centric, and geared towards delivering the best solutions to meet the evolving needs of our users and partners. This is punctuated with an insatiable desire toward rapid code shipping, failing/learning fast, and iterating or pivoting.
Obsession with Our Users

Our product development process revolves around an unwavering dedication to our users. We are deeply committed to understanding their needs, behaviors, and preferences. Our journey begins by immersing ourselves in the user experience, conducting surveys, interviews, and data analysis to gain profound insights. This user-centric approach drives our product development, ensuring that every feature and functionality is designed to solve real-world challenges and provide the utmost value to our customers. We believe that this obsession with our users is fundamental to creating products that resonate and excel.

High Security Standards

Security is paramount at Waychit. We uphold an unwavering commitment to maintaining exceptionally high security standards throughout our product development process. Our dedicated security teams rigorously test and assess our products for vulnerabilities, ensuring that they meet and exceed industry best practices. We prioritize the protection of user data, financial transactions, and personal information. By embedding security considerations into every phase of development, we aim to provide our users with a product they can trust implicitly. Our relentless pursuit of security excellence is an integral part of our mission to deliver a safe and reliable platform.

Iterative Development and Data Analysis

Our agile teams work closely, releasing small increments of our product and continuously collecting data. We monitor user interactions, analyze usage patterns, and gather feedback to make informed refinements. Data-driven decision-making is at the core of our development process, enabling us to adapt and improve rapidly.

Quality Assurance

Quality is paramount at Waychit. We subject our products to rigorous testing and quality assurance measures to ensure they meet the highest standards of performance and security. Our products undergo extensive testing for functionality, compatibility, and security. Only after meeting our stringent quality benchmarks do we launch them into the market.

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