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Fuel Coupon Request, management, and Disbursement System

EM - Logix, a leading Oil Marketing Company in The Gambia, is renowned for its innovative approach and commitment to providing exceptional customer service. Recognizing their need for an efficient solution, they approached us to develop a cutting-edge Fuel Coupon Management System. Fuel Coupons are paper-based vouchers that can be pre-paid or post-paid and redeemed for fuel at specific gas stations. The Fuel Coupon Management System enables Oil Marketing Companies to streamline their operations by efficiently handling client requests, processing them, and facilitating the printing of necessary coupons.



The project aims to develop a streamlined fuel coupon management system for an Oil Marketing Companies EM Logix, improving customer service through a user-friendly interface, quick fuel coupon activation, and notifications. Strong security measures will be implemented to prevent unauthorized access and fraud. The system will also generate comprehensive reports for data-driven decision-making and efficient planning.

Enhance Customer Service and Satisfaction
The goal is to create a visually appealing user interface with intuitive navigation for staff, enabling quick activation or deactivation of fuel coupons and implementing a notification system to enhance customer satisfaction by providing seamless and hassle-free coupon redemption.
Ensuring Security and Fraud Prevention
Implement a robust security measures to safeguard the fuel coupon management system, preventing unauthorized access and fraudulent activities. This includes incorporating MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) mechanisms to ensure that only authorized personnel can generate, activate, or deactivate fuel coupons, while enabling comprehensive auditing for quick detection and investigation of suspicious transactions.
Generating Accurate and Informative Reports
Generate comprehensive reports on fuel coupon usage, transactions, and client data. Provide real-time insights, data visualization, and exporting capabilities for effective analysis and communication.
Streamlined Processes
Develop an efficient fuel coupon management system with a user-friendly interface for seamless request processing. Automate coupon generation and disbursement, optimize workflow, and provide comprehensive tracking and monitoring capabilities for accurate record-keeping and financial transparency.

A New Territory

The challenges for the project include ensuring user adoption as an index of great UX Design, implementing robust security measures, ensuring scalability and performance, customization and flexibility, quality assurance and testing, regulatory compliance, timely delivery, and ongoing support and maintenance.

Security and Fraud Prevention
Implementing robust security measures to protect the integrity of the system and prevent unauthorized access or fraudulent activities. Ensuring that all sensitive data and transactions are securely stored and transmitted.
User Experience Design
Designing an intuitive and user-friendly interface that minimizes the learning curve for staff and clients.
Ongoing Support and Maintenance
Providing post-implementation support, maintenance, and updates to address any issues, enhancements, or future requirements that may arise. Ensuring a long-term partnership and continued support to EM - Logix.
Scalability and Performance
Designing the system to handle a large volume of client requests, transactions, and coupon generation without compromising performance. Ensuring that the system can scale effectively to meet future growth and increasing demands.
Scalability and Performance
Designing the system to handle a large volume of client requests, transactions, and coupon generation without compromising performance. Ensuring that the system can scale effectively to meet future growth and increasing demands.

Streamlined Fuel Coupon Operations

The Logix Coupon Management System is an innovative and efficient solution developed for EM - Logix, a leading Oil Marketing Company in The Gambia. Designed to streamline fuel coupon operations, it enables seamless handling of client requests, processing, and printing of coupons. The system empowers the company to activate or deactivate fuel coupons, block specific coupons when necessary, and generate comprehensive reports for data analysis and decision-making. With a focus on operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, the Logix Coupon Management System ensures a seamless and streamlined experience for managing fuel coupons, aligning with EM - Logix's vision for excellence in the industry.


A Process Rooted in Modular Deliverables and Iterative Planning

At Assutech, we have developed a hybrid approach that combines the strengths of Agile and Lean software development processes. Our process emphasizes customer collaboration and feedback, iterative development, continuous integration and deployment, cross-functional teams, visual management, and a culture of continuous improvement.
Agile Principles

We embrace the core principles of Agile software development, such as iterative development, frequent customer collaboration, and adaptive planning - for swift response to changing requirements and provide incremental value delivery.

Customer-Centric Approach

We involve our clients in every stage of the development process, ensuring that their requirements are met and their expectations are exceeded. Regular checkpoints and demos allow for timely feedback and course corrections.

Cross-Functional Teams

With a team of diverse skill sets, from software engineers, UX/UI designers, ML engineers and project managers. This cross-functional composition enables seamless collaboration, effective knowledge sharing, and efficient problem-solving.


Regular retrospectives allow us to reflect on our processes, identify areas for improvement, and implement necessary changes.


Product Outcome


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